Mayor repair and reconstruction projects at Tjörnvarvet AB

1994 - M/S Waxholm III, Stockholm

2000 - S/S Stockholm, Stockholm

S/S Stockholm is the last coastal steamship that the General Post Office built for traffic between Kalmar and Färjestaden on Öland. The ship was built in 1931 on Oskarshamns shipyard. After various varying fate and adventures in international traffic between Umeå and Wasa, the boat was purchased by Strömma Kanalbolaget in the winter of 1998. The intention was to completely renovate and re-launch the ship as a passenger vessel until the spring of 2000.

2002 - M/S Juno, Stockholm

In April 2002 we restored M/S Juno, a small charming canal boat that needed to freshen up the dining room. When she vas leaving the shipyard in May 2002 she was ready for a new tourist season and many more to come.